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Hall of Fame - Tournament Winners

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Winners of past Alpenfestung Tournaments


Alpenfestung I (April, 2011): Michael S. (Germany)

Alpenfestung II (October, 2011): John T. (Germany)

Alpenfestung III (April, 2012): Marc B. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung IV (August, 2012): Dave R. (United Kingdom)

Alpenfestung V (April, 2013): Michael S. (Germany)


Alpenfestung VI (July, 2013): Eric S. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung VII (April, 2014): Daniel T. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung VIII (August, 2014): Daniel T. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung IX (August, 2015): John T. (Germany)

Alpenfestung X (July, 2016): Keith H. (U.S.A.)


Alpenfestung XI (June, 2017): Marc B. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung XII (May, 2018): Daniel T. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung XIII (June, 2019): Marc B. (Switzerland)

Alpenfestung XIV (October, 2021): Dave R. (United Kingdom)

Alpenfestung XV (October, 2022): Dave R. (United Kingdom)



An original French Croix de Guerre (1939-1945), awarded to Michael after Alpenfestung V.

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