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ASL Quiz

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Did you know that...


Whenever I play ASL scenarios, I make a short side note of rule sections I had to look up during play. So while there are many arcane, hardly-ever-used rules in ASL, the following were important in at least one of the scenarios I played. Have fun challenging your rules knowledge!


The latest entries (from January, 2019) are in blue.


Download a printable version of the ASL Quiz (.pdf, 2.1 MB), version October, 2018.




Infantry (Chapter A)


... when a weapon uses a form of fire which increases its Breakdown frequency by decreasing the B#/X# (e.g., fire by Inexperienced Personnel), it also transforms the weapon's Original B# to an X# during that use? [A.11]


Personnel Counters [A1]

... any two Good Order Half Squads of the same nationality with an identical Strength Factor may automatically Recombine as their sole action in that Rally Phase into a squad of the same type and Class at the start of any Rally Phase in which they occupy the same Location and terrain with a friendly Good Order leader? [A1.32]


The Mapboard [A2]

... units allowed to set up anywhere on a given board may set up on that board's half-hexes only if the half-hex is either part of another board on which it is also allowed to set up or is not butted against another half-hex? [A2.3]


... up to 10% (FRU) of the squads that set up on-board, and up to 10% (FRU) of the squads that enter in any given turn, may be freely Deployed (without leader/TC) prior to setup, if the nationality is capable of Deployment? [A2.9]


Infantry Movement [A4]

... An Infantry MMC may enter in the MPh a Location containing only one Known enemy SMC [...] at double the total MF cost of entry provided it has passed a NTC to enable it to enter the Location [EXC: Beserk (A15.432)]? [A4.15]


... the moving player must, before he can move another unit, state that the currently moving unit is going to end its Movement Phase in its present hex? By this, as the defender, you always have a chance to announce Defensive First Fire [8.1] when you learn that a unit has ended its movement. [4.2]


... Bypass may consist of one or two contiguous unblocked hexsides of the building or woods hex being traversed. So it is legal to enter a path that begins on the second hexside traversed. [4.31]


... an unbroken unit may drop possession of a Support Weapon/Gun at no MF cost during its Movement Phase? [A4.43]


... support weapons can be recovered in the Rally or Movement Phase, and transfered during (a different) Rally or Advance Phase? [A4.44 / A4.431]


... only a SMC can recover a Support Weapon/Gun possessed by a friendly broken unit? [A4.44]


... CX units may not advance into Difficult Terrain (4.72)? [A4.51]


... CX units must add a +1 to their SMOKE Grenade Availability Check dr they make? [A4.51]


... units lose their CX status when they break? [A4.51]


... a CX counter is removed at the start of a MPh and does not affect that unit during that MPh other than prohibiting its use of Double Time during that MPh? [A4.51]


... the First Fire Movement in Open Ground (FFMO) and First Fire Non-Assault Movement (FFNAM) Die Roll Modifiers never apply to Passengers, Riders and Crews (PRC) as these are not considered to be Infantry? [A4.6]


... whenever movement in the open is combined with another protective TEM or LOS hindrance feature (such as SMOKE or an AFV/wreck) between the target and firer, or in the target Location itself, the -1 FFMO (First Fire Movement in Open Ground) DRM does not apply? [A4.6]


... only non-beserk Infantry that remains Infantry throughout the MPh (i.e. is not a PRC during that phase), and that moves no more than one Location during its MPh without using all of its MF (including and leader/road bonus, but not Double Time), may use Assault Movement? [A4.61]


...once a unit or stack has declared to use a «Dash», it must end its Movement Phase in the non-open Ground location it Dashed to? By this, if you receive fire or take casualties as a stack, you cannot abort your Dash in the road location. [A4.63]


... a unit can advance from inside an entrenchment to inside another in an Accessible hex (even if on different levels)? [A4.7]


Line of Sight [A6]

... the number of hexes in which a line of sight (LOS) hindrance applies will not exceed the distance of the first and the last continuous hindrance hex along that line of sight (LOS) plus one? [A6.7]


Fire Attacks [A7]

... Opportunity Fire removes any concealment status the Good Order Infantry/Cavalry may have had if it is in LOS within 16 hexes of a Good Order enemy Ground unit (A12.14)? [A7.25]


... a SMC that suffers a K/# fire attack result is wounded - however, if the SMC survives the Wound Severity dr (A17.11), it does not have to take the MC of the K/# result? [A7.302]


... the Assault Fire bonus is applicable when firing at concealed units? [A7.36]


... beserk units may never be part of a multi-location fire group? [A7.54]


... a squad may fire its inherent firepower (against a CE crew of a vehicle) and a MG (against the vehicle itsself) as ordnance after the same MF/MP expenditure of the vehicle [A7.55]


... pinned Infantry units that break, go beserk, Battle-Harden or become heroic lose their pinned status? [A7.8]


... pinned Infantry may use Subsequent First Fire? [A7.81]


... pinned Infantry is not subject to any further DRM for FFNAM/FFMO during that Player Turn? [A7.83]


... a pinned leader cannot direct an attack? [A7.831]


... Cowering never affects any form of vehicular fire? [A7.9]


... an attack on the lowest column which cowers is reduced to no effect at all, although a malfunction result can still occur? [A7.9]


... if a Fire Group is cowering, Random Selection is used to determine the unit(s) (and its Support Weapons) that become marked with a Prep or Final Fire Counter? [A7.9]


Defensive Fire Principles [A8]

... a personel unit that breaks does not expend any remaining Movement Factors, so First and Subsequent First Fire Attacks by the same unit against it is only allowed if the moving unit spent at least two Movement Factors entering its current hex? [A8.14]


... a moving unit subject to FFNAM/FFMO which breaks is still subject to those DRM in that Location for subsequent Defensive First Fire attacks until its MPh ends, even if previously pinned? [A8.14]


... First Fire Non-Assault Movement (FFNAM) and First Fire Movement in Open Ground (FFMO) do not apply for Snap Shots? [A8.15]


... a unit expending MF to place a Demolition Charge (A23) in a Location with Residual Firepower is attacked on the IFT with the Firepower represented by that Residual Firepower counter? [A8.2]


... a critical hit does increase the amount of residual firepower? [A8.2]


... Residual FP attacks are not subject to Cowering? However, the amount of Residual FP formed by a Cowering attack is usually reduced since Cowering reduces the IFT FP used for the attack? [A8.224]


... being CX does reduce the amount of Residual FP left by any attack? [A8.26]


... hexside TEM of the target Location which modified (or could have modified; B9.31) the To-Hit/IFT DR does reduce the amount of Residual FP left by any attack? [A8.26]


... Final Protective Fire (FPF) can only be fired by DEFENDING infantry already marked with a Final Fire counter to attack ADJACENT or same-hex moving ground units in the ATTACKER's MPh? [A8.31]


... a unit using Final Protective Fire (FPF) may form a Fire Group with units not using FPF, but only those units using FPF are affected by its adverse affects? [A8.31]


Machine Guns & SW Malfunction [A9]

... a squad firing two Support Weapon Machine Guns or a Half Squad firing one Support Weapon Machine Gun forfeits its own Inherent Firepower for the current and any remaining fire phases the Player Turn? By this, a Half Squad firing a Support Weapon Machine Gun in the Defensive First Fire Phase cannot fire its Inherent Firepower in the Subsequent First Fire Phase. [A9.11]


...contrary to MMGs and HMGs, Light Machine Guns (LMGs) have no restricted «Field of Fire» when firing out of woods, rubble or buildings? [A9.21]


...SMOKE Hindrance does not affect Line of Sight (LOS) for Fire Lane placement/attack purposes? [A9.22]


... Orchard hindrance does affect LOS for Fire Lane placement/attack purposes? [A9.22].


... a MG that attacks using Subsequent-First-Fire/Final Protective Fire (8.3/8.31), or during the Defensive Fire Phase while marked with a First Fire counter (8.4), is using Sustained Fire and as a consequence its Breakdown # is lowered by two (see A.11) in addition to its Firepower being halved as Area Fire? [A9.3]


... a captured SW/Gun may never be repaired unless recaptured by its original side? [A9.72]


... a weapon may start a scenario dismantled (dm) at the owner's option [EXC: if listed as dm it must start in that state]? [A9.8]


... a German dismantled HMG/MMG may be fired as a German LMG? [A9.8]


Morale [A10]

... a broken unit not in Melee may not remain in the same Open Ground hex in the Normal Range (A10.532) and LOS of a Known non-Melee enemy unit/its SW/Gun? [A10.5]


... routing units may rout towards unconcealed armed enemy units as long as they are not known to them? [A10.51]


... broken units must rout towards the nearest building or woods hex in movement factors (not hexes)? [A10.51]


... broken units that can reach a building or woods hex in a single rout phase need not use the shortest route? [A10.51]


... a routing unit which enters an Open Ground hex without Low Crawl, in both the LOS and Normal Range of an unbroken enemy unit capable of fire on it in that hex with at least one FP without any form of LOS hindrance, is subject to a NMC and everything that normally entails? [A10.53]


... a unit using spotted fire cannot interdict? [A10.532]


... interdicting an enemy unit is a concealment loss activiy? [A10.533]


... there is a -1 DRM to any Infantry Rally attempt which occurs in a building, pillbox, trench or woods? [A10.61]


... a unit may opt to retain its DM status provided it is not in a woods/building/pillbox/trench so as to guarantee its ability to rout again in the next Rout Phase? [A10.62]


... any unit attempting Self-Rally (i.e., attempting to Rally without the presence of an unbroken leader) must add +1 DRM to its Rally attempt? [A10.63]


... a unit that rolls a natural 2 dice roll during a Self-Rally attempt may still fail to rally (e.g., due to a combination of a low morale and Desperation Morale (DM) penalties) [A10.63]


... Self-Rally can never occur in a Location containing a Good Order friendly leader? [A10.63]


... a broken unit which rolls an Original 12 DR while attempting to rally suffers Casualty Reduction and does not rally? [A10.64]


... a leader may not direct another unit's fire if this leader is firing a weapon himself? [A10.7]


Close Combat [A11]


... a Gun/SW counter possessed by a unit eliminated in CC may also be eliminated if the Original colored dr of that CC DR is a 1? [A11.13]


... any number of SMC may combine with a MMC or other SMC to make a CC attack [EXC: vs. vehicles; 11.5] and to defend by adding their inherent FP together? [A11.14]


... a Known SMC may never defend with a concealed unit unless that unit forfeits its concealment so as to defend with the Known SMC, or vice versa? [A11.14]


...all Inexperienced Personnel are considered Lax? [A11.18]


... being stealthy or lax does not only affect ambush status die rolls, but also concealment growth die rolls, searching die rolls and search casualties die rolls? [A11.17 / A11.18]


... only stopped vehicles can hold infantry in melee, i.e. an unescorted stopped vehicle that expends a start movement point can be immediately attacked by small arms or light anti-tank weapons of infantry in the same hex? [A11.15]


... a unit loses its concealment in the CCPh only if it makes/directs a CC attack [EXC: a successful Ambush; A11.4]? Units lose concealment in the moment they announce that they will attack, before any specific attacks are announded. In that way, a concealed defender has no advantage over a concealed attacker - both lose concealment with the exception of any side that announces that it will not attack and keep its concealment instead. That means, any units that won't make any CC attacks remain concealed at this time (and if they survive will be concealed at the end of the CCPh.) [A11.19]


... units withdrawing from Close Combat (CC) may not make CC attacks during that Close Combat Phase? [A11.2]


... if your Infantry/Cavalry unit rolls an original 2 Close Combat (CC) DR, or an original 12 CC DR is rolled against your Infantry/Cavalry unit, it may withdraw from CC/Melee immediately thereafter in the same Close Combat Phase without being [further] attacked? [A11.22]


... the side being ambushed loses all concealment it may have had? [A11.4]


... the side with an Ambush advantage may also maintain any concealment it has in CC until it attacks without eliminating/capturing its target? [A11.4]


... a unit that has qualified for Ambush may withdraw from CC automatically after resolving all CC attacks by and against it, but only before Melee occurs? [A11.41]


... an Immobile vehicle or a vehicle which opts to stay in a Location where it started its turn with Known armed enemy units may only fire at enemy units in that Location (7.212) and must use To Hit Case E for any ordnance attacks? [A11.7]


... even though a vehicle cannot be held in Melee, a non-Abandoned, «unbroken» (12.1) vehicle holds all Known enemy Infantry occupying the same Location after a CCPh in Melee as long as it remains in the Location (unless in-Motion/Non-Stopped)? [A11.7]


Concealment [A12]

... after setup, each unconcealed unit (of both sides) which is either ouf the LOS of all unbroken enemy ground units within 16 hexes of it, or at ≥ 17 hexes from all of them, may have a «?» not designated by the Order of Battle placed on it? No Concealment Die Rolls are required for these additional «?». [A12.12]


... the owning player can voluntarily remove any concealment at any time during his or his opponent's Player Turn? [A12.14]


... rallying a friendly unit is a concealment loss activity? [A12.141]


... Fortifications that set up in non-Concealment Terrain may also set up hidden (HIP) and remain hidden as if they were in Concealment Terrain, but they immediately lose their HIP status when an enemy unit has a Line of Sight to them? [12.33]


Snipers [A14]

... if the Random Selection results in multiple targets, only one (Sniper's choice) is attacked by the initial Sniper attack dr, the others are each subject to a new Sniper dr? [A14.2]


... in the selection process for an alternative sniper target, concealed and unconcealed units are treated equally? [A14.21]


Heat of Battle [A15]

.... passengers, riders, crews, heroes and already beserk units (among others) are not subject to heat of battle? [A15.1]


... a Pin Task Check cannot result in a Heat of Battle DR? [A15.1]


... a wounded hero that fails a Morale Check is eliminated, while a wounded leader which is wounded again makes a wound severity die roll with a modifier of +1? [A15.2 / A17.11]


... a heroic leader is considered to be a hero for purposes of rule A15.2 and is eliminated if wounded for a second time? [A15.2]


... that a hero may deduct one from the IFT resolution die Roll of his own fire or that of a Fire Group he is part of only if he is firing at Normal Range of either its inherent FP or his weapon counter? [A15.24]


... the Heroic DRM is cumulative with that of any applicable leadership DRM/additional heroes present in the same attack? [A15.24]


... a hero is always considered Stealthy? [A15.24]


... a hero's participation in a Fire Group does not exempt other members of a Fire Group from Cowering? [A15.24]


... beserk units never receive the leadership benefit of friendly leaders? [A15.42]


Field Promotions [A18]


...the quality of a leader created is based on a Die Roll on the Leader Creation Table plus any cumulative drm for nationality, unit type, and status (including the Morale Level of the unit at the time of the Original 2 DR)? [A18.2]


Unit Substitution [A19]

... all crew-types, Commissars, Heroes, unarmed and already broken units are never subject to Replacement due to ELR failure? [A19.11]


... an unbroken squad/HS/6+1 leader which cannot be Replaced by a lower quality unit fails a MC by more than its ELR, it is broken and marked with a Disrupted counter? [A19.12]


... a squad with an underscored Morale Factor that fails its Morale Check by its Experience Level Rating (ELR) is Replaced by its two broken Half-Squads (even if its ELR has dropped below 5); a Half Squad with an underscored Morale Factor is Disrupted instead unless exempt (e.g. Partisans, Japanese, Fanatic units)? [A19.13]


... a Green MMC stacked with an unbroken leader is exempt from the restrictive rules of Inexperienced Personnel, which always applies to Conscripts/Unarmed-units regardless of leader presence? [A19.3]


... the Breakdown Number of any Support Weapon (SW) used by Inexperienced Personnel is reduced by one? [A19.32]


... Inexperienced Personnel or a Fire Group containing Inexperienced Personnel which cowers (7.9) must shift two columns to the left on the IFT for that attack? [A19.33]


Prisoners [A20]

... beserk units can also be captured in close combat? [A20.22]


... a single Guard can guard prisoners with a total US# up to five times its own US#, and can automatically exchange two prisoner HS/crew for an Unarmed squad and vice versa? [A20.51]


... overstacking penalties never apply to prisoners - so only the number of units on the captor side are considered for stacking purposes? [A20.51]


... a Guard whose Unit Size # is < the total Unit Size # of its prisoners may not attack any unit other than its prisoners except in Close Combat? Also, a Guard's Firepower is halved for attack (but not defense) purposes when attacking non-prisoners in CC? [A20.52]


... if you receive fire through one of the non-protected hexsides, you lose all entrenchment benefits (A27.3) of your Crest Status? [B20.92]


Captured Equipment [A21]

... a captured Gun/SW (or vehicle) has its Breakdown number (B#/X#) decreased by two due to lack of familiarity with the equipment and difficulty to resupply (see A.11)? [A21.1]


... Ammunition Shortage does not apply to captured Guns / Support Weapons? [A21.11]


... captured ordnance (like Panzerschrecks or Bazookas) must use the red To Hit Numbers and add a +2 die roll modifier to all To Hit attempts (Case H)? [A21.12]


... captured weapons must reduce any Multiple ROF capabilty by one? [A21.12]


Flamethrowers & Molotov Cocktails [A22]

... Infantry units armed with Molotov Cocktails do not have to pass an Pre-AFV Acvance/Attack Task Check (PAATC) before attacking an Armored target using their Molotov Cocktails? [A22.612]


Demolition Charges [A23]

... non-elite personel must use the captured support weapon breakdown number (X#) penalty to attack with a demolition charge? [A23.2]


Smoke [A24]

... if the SMOKE Placement die roll is a 6, the unit must immediately end its Movement Phase in its current Location? [A24.1]


Nationality Distinctions [A25]

... Russian squads may not Deploy (EXC: 20.5, Guards & Unarmed Units & 21.22, Temporary Crew), although they can take HS losses and Recombine into squads again? [A25.2]


... Russian units are entitled to a -1 DRM when entrenching? (This DRM does not apply to prisoners of any nationality) [A25.21]


... only elite Italian squads may Deploy? [A25.61]


Victory Conditions [A26]

... even a broken armed enemy unit prevents gaining control of a Location/hex/building? [A26.11]



Terrain (Chapter B)


Bridges [B6]

... indirect fire against a non-pontoon bridge/ targets on or beneath that bridge has a terrain effect modifier of +1 regardless of the line of fire due to the separation of the bridge from the obstacle it crosses? [B6.32]


... disregarding climbing, units can only enter or exit a bridge location by crossing a road hexside on that bridge? [B6.4]


Walls & Hedges [B9]

... a target unit claiming Wall Advantage [B9.32] does not receive in-hex TEM? [B9.31]


... a target unit not claiming Wall Advantage [B9.32] receives only in-hex TEM, but may instead use wall/hedge TEM vs. enemy units which do not have Wall Advantage over the hexside facing the incoming fire? [B9.31]


... a unit cannot claim Wall Advantage over any wall/hedge hexspine? [B9.321]


Orchard [B14]

... even an out-of-season Orchard is considered Concealment Terrain? [B14.2 / B. Terrain Chart]


Marsh [B16]

... any unpossessed portaged equipment in a marsh hex is eliminated? [B16.1]


... any High Explosive Attack into a marsh hex is halved due to the muffling effects of soft ground/water on the explosion? [B16.31]


... any ground level or level -1 hex adjacent to a marsh / mudflat is a Bog hex requiring a Bog Check of any vehicle entering it via a non-road hexside? [B16.43]


Streams & Crest Status [B20]


...Good Order Infantry outside a Depression may claim Crest status in the Depression hex it enters, along the hexside it enters, by expending one less MF that the normal COT of that hex but its Crest counter must be placed so that the middle of the three hexsides it could conceivably protect is the hexside it crossed? [B20.9]


Buildings [B23]

... Lumberyards do not receive the -1 DRM terrain bonus (A10.61) for buildings? [B23.211]


... only fully tracked, close-topped, buttoned up armored fighting vehicles without riders may enter building obstacles? [B23.41]


... artillery, anti-tank and infantry guns of no more than 76mm may set up in the fortified upper level of a multi-level stone fortified building? [B23.93]


Fire [B25]

... a Wreck Blaze causes a +2 SMOKE Hindrance DRM that replaces the normal Wreck Hindrance DRM of +1 (D9.4) except in the case of an already established Fire Lane (A9.22), or in Heavy Winds (B25.63), where only the Wreck Hindrance DRM of +1 would apply?


... direction changes have no effect unless there is currently a Mild Breeze or Heavy Winds? [B25.65]


... a change of Wind Force beneath No Wind or above Heavy Winds status is treated as a change to Mild Breeze instead? [B25.65]


Entrenchments [B27]

... a leader inside (outside) a foxhole may rally or direct the fire of squads outside (inside) that foxhole on the same level and in the same hex? [B27.13]


... a personel unit can Assault Move into an adjacent hex and enter a Foxhole, as a Foxhole is only considered to be another location for purposes of Weapon Recovery and Terrain Effects Modifiers (TEM)? [B27.13]


Minefields [B28]

... a minefield attacks units whenever they enter or leave the minefield location? [B28.41]


... a concealed unit that is attacked by a minefield loses its concealment due to that attack (A12.14) only if it breaks or suffers a Casualty Reduction? [B28.411]



Ordnance (Chapter C)


Gun Classifications [C2]

... the Rate of Fire of a Gun using Infantry Firepower Equivalent (IFE) is always lowered by one? [C2.29]


... the multiple ROF of a non-vehicular NT Gun [EXC: 76-82mm mortar] is lowered by one for its next shot in the current phase if it changes its CA for that shot? [C2.5]


... a non-vehicular non-turreted Gun that changes its Covered Arc for a shot and has no Multiple Rate of Fire to lower is covered with an Intensive Fire counter instead, indicating that it cannot use Intensive Fire for the duration of the current Player Turn? [C2.5]


The To Hit Process [C3]

... when a Gun changes its CA in the Prepare Fire Phase without firing, it cancels any movement possibilities for that Gun (even a vehicular Gun) and its Crew for the rest of that Player Turn, but does not prevent that Gun from attacking in the Advancing Fire Phase - presumably now without any Case A DRM? [C3.22]


... if only a Final To Hit Die Roll of 2 (double 1's) for a shot would achieve a hit, a Critical Hit occurs only on a subsequent die roll of 1 following that hit, a 2-6 results in a normal hull hit (or a turret hit vs. a Hull Down Vehicle)?  [C3.7]


Target-Based Hit Determination DRM [C6]

... vs. Infantry, only a MG/IFE non-ordnance attack conducted as Defensive First Fire (A8.1) qualifies for the -2 DRM of a Bore Sighted Location? [C6.44]


To Kill Tables [C7]

... a normal task check (NTC) for a shock possibility can result in a sniper activation?  [C7.41 / A14.2]


... the crew of a shocked vehicle which is eliminated after failing to recover from an Unconfirmed Kill (UK) gets no Crew Survival Die Roll and is also eliminated? [C7.42]


Special Ammunition [C8]

... smoke ammunition is always placed at ground level in any target hex which is hit on the area target type, even if the only visible part of that hex is the upper level of a building? [C8.52]


Mortars [C9]

... mortars can be fired from Woods (B13)? [C9]


...a 76-82mm mortar can be dismantled (A9.8) and is then represented by a 1/2" counter in its dm state, which allows it to be portaged as a five PP SW rather than being subject to normal Gun Movement rules? [C9.2]


Light Anti-Tank Weapons (LATW) [C13]

... panzerfausts (and panzerfausts klein), being one-shot weapons, do not leave residual firepower? [C13.31]


... a Bazooka (BAZ) can be used by one SMC only if that SMC is a Hero (A15.23)? [C13.45]


... units firing a backblast weapon from rubble are also subject to desparation penalties? [C13.8]


... desparation penalties for firing backblast weapons from ground-level rubble or the ground floor of a building do not apply to unpinned units that use Opportunity Fire or apply the +2 to hit die roll modifier of case C3? [C13.8]



Vehicles (Chapter D)


Vehicular Movement [D2]

... a vehicle (and its PRC) which starts its Player Turn in Motion may not Prep Fire and must expend at least one MP (even if just to stop) during its Movement Phase? [D2.4]


...a Gun cannot occupy an upper building level [EXC: Fortified Buildings and mortars on Rooftops]? [C2.7]


...Small-Target-Size Guns and AT/INF Guns that are not large targets are the only 5/8" non-vehicular Gun counters that may ever occupy a building/rubble hex [EXC: Rooftop mortars (B23.85); Fortified Building (B23.93)]? [C2.7]


AFV Combat [D3]

... the Firepower of a vehicle's various MG/IFE armaments may all be added together for one attack [...], or fired separately at different targets? [D3.5]


Terrain Modifications to Anti-Vehicle Fire [D4]

... non-Main Armament bow mounted weapons (like the typical Bow MG of a vehicle) cannot be used against a target if the firing vehicle is Hull Down (HD) to that target's position? [D4.223] Remember that hedges do not create Hull Down (HD) status. [B9.36]


Inherent Crew [D5]

... vehicle Crew Exposed (CE) counters may not be placed or removed in a Movement Phase following Prepare or Bounding First Fire by that vehicle? [D5.33]


Transporting Personnel [D6]

... any Support Weapon (SW) carried by a Bailing Out Rider is eliminated if the carrying unit breaks prior to or after the Bail Out. Even if the carrying unit does not break as a result of Bailing Out, its SW must be removed [...] and checked for malfunction [dr 1-3 = ok; dr 4-6 = malfunction (or elimination if an X# SW]. [D6.24]


... FFNAM (Fire Fire Non-Assault Movement) modifier of -1 on the (I)IFT always applies vs loading or unloading units? [D6.5]


Vehicular Smoke Dispensers [D13]

... firing (see 13.3) a smoke dispenser costs one MP during an AFV's own MPh, but there is no MP cost for a usage attempt which fails to result in the smoke dispenser being fired? [D13.2]


... the Die Roll of an attempt to fire a smoke mortar (sM) is modified by changing the Covered Arc to fire, being Buttoned Up, being a moving/non-stopped Vehicle, and hindrance between the tank's hex and the hex it wishes to place smoke? [D13.32]



Miscellaneous (Chapter E)


Weather [E3]

... a low visibility (LV) Hindrance DRM (like Night, Fog, Mist, Rain or Falling Snow) does not by itself negate interdiction? [E3.1]


... a low visibility (LV) Hindrance DRM (like Night, Fog, Mist, Rain or Falling Snow) does not prevent a First Fire Movement in Open Ground (FFMO) modifier? [E3.1] 


Swimming [E6]

... a river Current affects swimmers during the Advance Phase in the same manner as it affects a paddled boat (B21.121)?



Pacific (Chapter G)


Landing Craft [G12]

... all Personnel and Inherent-crew Passengers aboard a Landing Craft are considered to have a Morale Level of 8? (G12.122)


... while aboard a Landing Craft, any Personnel Passenger that suffers a break/Step-Reduction result for any reason always suffers a Casualty Reduction result instead? (G12.13)


... when during its MPh/APh a Landing Craft enters a shallow-OCEAN hex (13.4) while at the same time becoming closer (in hexes) to any Beach hex (13.1) that lies within three hexes of that shallow OCEAN-hex, that Landing Craft's owner must immediately (i.e., before any Beaching/Stopping declaration/attempt as well as before Defensive First Fire) make a Bog DR (∆)? (G12.21)


... the Inherent weapon(s) of a Landing Craft may Prep Fire only if the Landing Craft is Fast Aground and Inherently crewed? (G12.5) (All penalties for moving/Motion/non-Stopped/AFPh fire apply in the normal manner. Cumulative Stun DRM (if any; 12.111) also apply.)


... Landing Craft Passengers may not attack in any way? (G12.5)


... a dr 1 or 2 sniper attack vs a Landing Craft is resolved only vs its Inherent crew, and always results in a Stun? Also, Landing Craft Passengers are not eligible sniper targets? (G12.603)


... a non-ordnance Direct Fire attack vs a Landing Craft is using halved Firepower unless the Landing Craft is Beached? (G12.61)


... vs the Collateral effects of a non-Aerial attack conducted as per 12.61 [Non-Ordnance Direct Fire] / 12.62 [Ordnance Direct Fire] from within the VCA of a Landing Craft whose ramp is down, all of that Landing Craft's Vehicle and Infantry Stacks [...] are considered Vulnerable as if that Landing Craft's fron Target Facing were unarmored? (G12.674) 


... whenever a Landing Craft is struck by an attack that inflicts ≥ two Damage Points on it and whose Effects DR contains an Original colored dr of «1», that Landing Craft is set Ablaze? (G12.68)



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