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After Action Report (AAR) of Alpenfestung I

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This was the official Flyer for the tournament (in German):  Einladung_ASL_Alpenfestung I_2011.pdf




The Alpenfestung I tournament took place Friday, April 8th until Sunday, April 10th, 2011.



We played in the «Seeblick» vacation home.




1. Michael S. (Germany)

2. Jan L. (Switzerland)

3. Marc B. (Switzerland)

4. Charlie S. (Switzerland)




The choice of scenarios for the long round (5.5 hrs.) was:


  • «The Roadblock», Americans vs. Germans in Normandy in June, 1944. 11.5 turns. From Module «Paratrooper».
  • «Revenge at Kastelli», Greeks vs. Germans on Crete in May, 1941. 10 turns. From Module «The last Hurrah».
  • «Retribution», Italians vs. Americans on Sicily in July, 1943. 8.5 turns. From Module «Hollow Legions».


Here are the long scenarios for download: Scenarios for long round I.pdf (7.4 MB)


The choice of scenarios for the short round (2.5 hrs.) was:


  • «Clearing Colleville», Germans vs. Americans in Normandy in June, 1944. 5 turns. From: «ASL Starter Kit 1».
  • «Relased from the East», Germans vs. Russians in Russia in December, 1941. 5.5 turns. From: «ASL Starter Kit 1».
  • «L'Abbaye Blanche», Americans vs. Germans in France in August, 1944. 5.5 turns. From: «Action Pack 1». Scan of Board 42.


Here are the short scenarios for download: Scenarios for short round II.pdf (9.5 MB)




Round 1

Charlie S. (as the Germans) against Michael S. (as the Greeks) in «Revenge at Kastelli». Michael wins.

Jan L. (as the Americans) against Marc B. (as the Germans) in «The Roadblock». Marc wins.


Round 2

Winners of Round 1: Michael S. (as the Russians) against Marc B. (as the Germans) in «Relased from the East». Michael wins.

Losers of Round 1: Jan L. (as the Germans) against Charlie S. (as the Americans) in «L'Abbaye Blanche». Charlie wins.




1st: Michael S. (2:0) - Tournament winner

2nd: Marc B. (1:1)

3rd: Charlie S. (1:1)

4rd: Jan L. (0:2)


After Action Report (AAR)



I really enjoyed the sessions. It was not so intense that you could not have a normal conversation with the other attendeees. This is something I sometimes find problematic at Grenadier. The setting was super! Just next time, we'll have to bring out the grill. :o) Also read my gaming blog entries:



Hi all, from my side as well many thanks for putting up with me only having little grip on the rules. I had a great time and will hopefully be seeing all of you again - maybe at Alpenfestung 2012? Or VASL - I definitely intend to have a look that way, even if I prefer face-to-face gaming. :-) Cheers, Jan



Thanks all for the interesting weekend and especially to marc for the organization of the tournament. I really liked to be able to play ASL again... it was fun and also sort of challenge in the given time. The scenarios I played were interesting and IMHO well balanced. The nice thing of being up in the Seeblick being undisturbed.



I haven't had a chance to play ASL since July, 2009. What a great revival of my love for ASL! The Seeblick turned out to be a great site for playing ASL, and enjoying the great scenery of the Walensee and the Alps. The weather was unbelievable: We could have breakfast and dinner outside, with the cows grazing just an arm's length from us. I am pleased with my scenario selection: All reported to have had a great time, and the time planning also worked out: To have plenty of opportunity to play ASL, but also plenty of time to finish them without hurry. Very likely, there will be an Alpenfestung II soon. Thanks for making this a great ASL weekend, Michael, Jan and Charlie!     



Some photos of the Alpenfestung I ASL weekend in the «Seeblick»


28 Photos from Michael:

Alpenfestung I - 2011




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