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What you need to bring along

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Please bring with you


  • Your gaming equipment: Rules, boards and overlays (PDF, 65 kB, from Texas ASL > Downloads > ASL Map Armory-Complete) as well as nationalities that are required for the announced scenarios (however, see next section), generic markers (Prep Fire, etc.), LOS thread, dice, dice trays or cups.  
  • A printout of the Scenario set
  • Some slippers
  • Your bathing suits (in summer)


Do I have to bring everything that's required for all scenarios?


No. This is the list of items that we need for the scenarios. It's sufficient when we have two copies of each of them, just in case that both pairings would like to play the same scenario in any round. 




  • Generic (Information) Counters
  • Swedish Volunteers (from Action Pack #15)
  • Russians
  • Germans
  • Polish
  • Japanese 


1st set of counters will be brought by: Michael (Marc will supplement the Swedes)

2nd set of counters will be brought by: Jan




  • 5
  • 10
  • 18 
  • 19 
  • 20
  • 22
  • 23 
  • 44
  • 45 
  • 49 
  • 50
  • 52
  • 58 
  • 79 
  • t (like in tank), in Starter Kit #3
  • u (like in uniform), in Starter Kit #3 


1st set of boards will be brought by: Marc  

2nd set of boards will be brought by: Jan




  • B2 (Brush) in Code of Bushido or Rising Sun
  • B4 (Brush) in Code of Bushido or Rising Sun
  • G5 (Grain) in Code of Bushido or Rising Sun
  • Hi4 (Hill) in Action Pack #2
  • Hi10 (Hill) in Armies of Oblivion
  • Hi11 (Hill) in Armies of Oblivion
  • O3 (Orchard) in Code of Bushido or Rising Sun
  • OG2 (Open Ground) in Croix de Guerre
  • OG5 (Open Ground) in Croix de Guerre
  • OW1 (Orchard-Woods) in Doomed Battalions
  • St1 (Stream) in Croix de Guerre
  • Wd5 (Woods) in Code of Bushido or Rising Sun
  • X14 (Buildings) in Croix de Guerre


1st set of overlays will be brought by: Dave 

2nd set of overlays will be brought by: Michael (Marc will supplement the Hi4 overlay)




  • ASL (pocket) rulebook


1st copy of rulebook will be brought by: Marc 

2nd copy of rulebook will be brought by: Dave 


(of course, feel free to bring your own rulebook beyond those required as a minimum) 


Rules to re-read


  • Assault Fire (A7.36)
  • Fanatic (A10.8)
  • Stealthy (A11.17)


  • Fortified Buildings (B23.9)


  • Field Phone (C1.23)
  • Security Area (C1.23)
  • Pre-Registered Hex (C1.73)
  • Emplacement (C11.2) 
  • ATMM (C13.7)


  • Swedish Volunteers Scenario Special Rules  
  • Winter Camouflage (E3.712)
  • Deep Snow (E3.73)
  • Plowed Roads (E3.733)
  • Extreme Winter (E3.74) 
  • Skis (E4) 


  • Tank Hunter Heroes (G1.421)


  • Assault Engineers (H1.22)


What is available for you in the vacation house/apartment


  • Bed sheets
  • Bed cloths
  • Towels


Any questions? Please use the comment section below.



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