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Participation Fee

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Updated for Alpenfestung XIII in June, 2019


The participants' contribution to cover the expenses of the entire event will be:


Living in Switzerland Living outside of Switzerland
Player only
CHF 230 €210
Player & visitor (girlfriend/wife)
CHF 350


Please pay in cash when we meet. Depending on where you live, you can pay in Euros or Swiss Francs (see above).

This fee covers everything - organization, three overnight stays, all meals (breakfasts/brunches, tea breaks and dinners) and beverages, including beer and wine.


A note about visitors (i.e., attending non-players): Let me know well in advance if you plan to bring a visitor (your wife, friend, whomever) to the Alpenfestung. I need to know how many people will be around to do a proper food planning. There's also a limit of one visitor per player (otherwise, other players will not have their own sleeping room).



Already paid:


Daniel: CHF 200.00 (CHF 30.00 remaining)

John: EUR 300.00 (EUR 10.00 remaining)

Michael: EUR 300.00 (EUR 10.00 remaining)




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