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Participation Fee

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The participants' contribution to cover the expenses of the entire Alpenfestung XV event in October of 2022 was:


Living in Switzerland Living outside of Switzerland
Player only
CHF 460 €470
Player & visitor (partner/wife)
CHF 690


Please note that these costs are an outlier and exceptionally high - usually, the costs are between CHF/€ 200-300 per player (or CHF/€ 300-500 per couple). We will try to bring down the costs to this usual level again. 


Please pay in cash when we meet. Depending on where you live, you can pay in Euros or Swiss Francs (see above).

This fee covers everything - organization, three overnight stays, all meals (breakfasts/brunches, tea breaks and dinners) as well as beverages, including beer and wine.


A note about visitors (i.e., attending non-players): Let me know well in advance if you plan to bring a visitor (your wife, friend, whomever) to the Alpenfestung. I need to know how many people will be around to do a proper food planning. There's also a limit of one visitor per player (otherwise, other players will not have their own sleeping room).







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