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Mini-ASL Tournament «Alpenfestung» (redirected from Mini-ASL Tournament ����Alpenfestung����)

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The Alpenfestung is a yearly ASL tournament in Switzerland with just four players. Alpenfestung XIV will take place October, 28th - 31st, 2021 



All about the Alpenfestung Tournament








What you need to bring along


Participation Fee


Contact & Registration



Past Tournaments

Alpenfestung I (April, 2011)

Alpenfestung II (October, 2011)

Alpenfestung III (April, 2012)

Alpenfestung IV (August, 2012)

Alpenfestung V (April, 2013)


Alpenfestung VI (July, 2013)

Alpenfestung VII (April, 2014)

Alpenfestung VIII (August, 2014)

Alpenfestung IX (August, 2015)

Alpenfestung X (July, 2016)


Alpenfestung XI (June, 2017)

Alpenfestung XII (May, 2018)

Alpenfestung XIII (June, 2019)

2020 - no Alpenfestung due to Corona pandemic

Alpenfestung XIV (October, 2021)


Hall of Fame - Past Tournament Winners



Supporting ASL resources and links


          ASL Scenario Playing Time Prediction

How long will this scenario take to finish?     


ASL Quiz 

                    Did you know that... finer points in the ASL rules


Other ASL Tournaments in Europe

                    Map and links to other European ASL tournaments


          Sniper Cards

                    Sniper Cards


ASL Module Dependency

 ASL Module Dependency


The one and only podcast dedicated 100% to ASL

The 2 Half-Squads



Recent changes


August, 2021 - Participants of Alpenfestung XIV have been selected: John, Dave, Frank, Marc. I am looking forward to our gaming gathering in the Swiss Alps! 


November, 2020 - ASL Quiz updated (changes in blue). 



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