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After Action Report (AAR) of Alpenfestung XV

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This was the official invitation for the tournament: Einladung ASL Alpenfestung XV





The Alpenfestung XIV tournament took place Thursday, October, 13th until Sunday, October, 16th, 2022.




We played in this vacation apartment in Beatenberg (Canton of Bern).




  1. John T. (Germany)

  2. Dave R. (Great Britain)

  3. Daniel T. (Switzerland)

  4. Marc B. (Switzerland)




This was the selection of the scenarios for the three rounds:


First round: The Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 


I. 800 Heroes. Chinese vs. Japanese. October, 1937. 5.5 Turns. (4:20 hrs.)

II. Shanghai in Flames. Chinese vs. Japanese. October, 1937. 6.5 Turns (5:30 hrs.)

III. Totsugeki!. Chinese vs. Japanese. January, 1944. 6.5 Turns. (4:30 hrs.)


Second round: Australians in the Mediterranean


I. ANZAC Boys. Germans vs. ANZAC. May, 1941. 5 Turns. (3:20 hrs.)

II. The Governor. Vichy vs. Australian. June, 1941. 4.5 Turns. (3:40 hrs.)

III. Dingoes at Damour. Vichy vs. Australian. July, 1941. 5.5 Turns. (4:30 hrs.)


Third round: The Final Months on the Eastern Front


I. Sealing Their Fate. Germans vs. Russians. February, 1945. 6.0 Turns. (3:40 hrs.)

II. Into Vienna Woods. Germans vs. Russians. April, 1945. 6.0 Turns. (4:00 hrs.)

III. A Hotly Contested Crossroads. Germans vs. Russians. February, 1945. 5.5 Turns. (5:30 hrs.)




Download all Scenarios (PDF, 8.6 MB)





First Round

Dave (as the Chinese) vs. Marc (as the Japanese) in Shanghai in Flames. Dave wins.

John (as the Japanese) vs. Daniel (as the Chinese) in Totsugeki!. Daniel wins.  


Second Round

Daniel (as the Australians) vs. Marc (as the Free French) in Dingoes at Damour. Daniel wins.

Dave (as the Australians) vs. John (as the Free French) in Dingoes at Damour. Dave wins.  


Third Round

John (as the Germans) vs. Marc (as the Russians) in Sealing their Fate. John wins.

Dave (as the Russians) vs. Daniel (as the Germans) in Into Vienna Woods. Dave wins. 




1st: Dave (3:0) - Tournament winner

2nd: Daniel (2:1)

3rd: John (1:2)

4th: Marc (0:3)


After Action Report (AAR)



(your AAR) 



(your AAR)



(your AAR)



Venue planning for Alpenfestung XV started with the realization that the date we picked was in the middle of school holidays - which narrowed down the selection of venues, and drove up prices. And yet, we were able to find a cozy vacation house in Beatenberg, near Lake Thun, with a beautiful view into the Swiss Alps. Since this view is the main feature of the Alpenfestung, we seem to have chosen the right place :o) 


We played the (by now) traditional Alpenfestung three round tournament, so that each player had a chance to play once against every other player. My first game was against Dave, pitting the Japanese against the Chinese defenders in a tight urban battle for Shanghai. The attrition in the ranks of my troops was high from the very first turn, so I barely managed to reach the victory condition building. That building was fortified and heavily defended by Chinese squads, so this was a clear victory for Dave. 


My second game was against Daniel, in the dry hills of Syria. My Free French defenders defended a large valley, filled with orchards and dotted with a few buildings. In retrospect, I guess I setup too far apart and gave too much protection to my flanks. Daniel made a bold and determined attack, breaking my lines in no time. It was a fighting withdrawal with a few local successes, but I felt from an early point that Daniel's attack plan worked out well and his troops never wavered. 


My third and last game was against John, which had a very different feel to it. Instead of dense urban terrain or clashing troops in orchards, there was a broad stretch of dense woods, which some clearings in between. As the defending Germans could deploy HIP, the board felt very wide and empty at the beginning. Not for very long, as you can imagine... As the Russians, I had to bring a certain number of troops and tanks across a stream on the other side of the board. Just as I felt I was about to win the scenario, one of my leaders, who was already in the victory condition zone, went beserk after being shot at. He took the squad under his command with him and re-crossed the stream, back to the German lines... which ruined my breakthrough and made me losing the scenario.  


What a bummer, I lost all three games! This happened to me only once before in the 10 years+ history of the Alpenfestung, and that first time was in 2014! :o) And yet, all three games had their distinct character to them, and all very fun to play. Also thanks to the friendly and challenging play style of Dave, Daniel and John. The location of our venue right on the edge of a small forest made it easy to get some fresh air and to take a walk in between games. It was also fun to take Daniel's dog with me - I am not used to handling dogs, but this one was a very likable companion. I was just glad that he stayed with me after biting through the leash Daniel gave me! :o) 


So thanks to all fellow gamers and Walli and Nicole, for making this weekend another special memory of friendship, exciting games and a very pleasant venue and setting. I hope to see you in 2023 again!  





After everyone arrived in Beatenberg in the Kanton of Bern, we had a first dinner in a hotel restaurant near our venue. Dave is obviously enjoying his traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue! 


An impressive panorama from our balcony - the snow-covered peaks of the Bernese Alps.  



I (Marc) played my first scenario against Dave in «Shanghai in Flames». As you can see, we were in the thick of the action with Blazes, Residual Fire and Banzai Charges!  


Two parallel games of «Dingoes at Damour» - a rare battle between the Australian and Free French Forces in Syria. 


Daniel ist making steady progress with his Australians against my Free French forces... 


Oh no! In my last game against John, becoming Beserk was more a curse than a blessing... (see my AAR above)


In between battles, I took a chance for a walk with Daniel's dog. He was a good companion, with a strong urge for freedom - he bit through the leash that Daniel had given me for him! 


The weather was very sunny and warm that October weekend.   


Ta-taa! Swiss «Älplermagronen» are ready! 


A well deserved 3:0 victory for Dave! His collection of Alpenfestung trophies is growing... 


Us four players, from left to right: John, Marc, Dave and Daniel. (Oh, and Daniel's dog, I am sorry). 


Nicole and Walli enjoyed the tourist side of our venue and its mountainous surroundings. It seems they enjoyed their stay, too! :o)  


On our way back home: The Thunersee at its best. 


Did we manage to wet your appetite for our jubilee Alpenfestung XVI in 2023? Please send me a message if you want to be updated about its planning.


(Photos: 640 x 480 pixel) 

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