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After Action Report (AAR) of Alpenfestung XIII

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This was the official invitation for the tournament: Einladung ASL Alpenfestung XIII




The Alpenfestung XIII tournament took place Thursday, June, 13th until Sunday, June, 16th, 2019.




We played in this vacation house in Cumbel (Kanton of Graubünden).




  1. John T. (Germany)

  2. Michael S. (Germany)

  3. Daniel T. (Switzerland)

  4. Marc B. (Switzerland)




This was the selection of the scenarios for the three rounds:


First round: «Son of Squad Bleeder» | «Assaulted at Arras» 1940


I. Assaulted at Arras. British vs. Germans. May, 1940. 5 Turns. (? hrs.)


Download the selection of «Son of Squad Bleeder» Scenarios (pdf., 3.4 MB)


Second round: Mid War 1942/1943 | «The Solomon Sea»


I. Brigade Hill. Japanese vs. British. September, 1942. 6.5 Turns. (4:03 hrs.)

II. The Triangle. Japanese vs. Americans. November, 1942. 9 Turns. (4:21 hrs.)

III. Through the Dragon's Teeth. Japanese vs. Americans. July, 1943. 6.5 Turns. (4:02 hrs.)



Third round: Early War 1940 | April and May 1940


I. Good Night, Sweet Prince. Germans vs. Danish. April, 1940. 7.5 Turns. (4:34 hrs.)

II. Strangers in a Strange Land. Germans vs. French. May, 1940. 8 Turns. (4:41 hrs.)

III. The Abbeville Bridgehead. Germans vs. French. May, 1940. 7 Turns. (4:50 hrs.)


Download the scenarios for round 2 and 3 (pdf., 1.1 MB)




First Round

Daniel (as the British) vs. Marc (as the Germans) in Assaulted at Arras. Marc wins.

John (as the British) vs. Michael (as the Germans) in Assaulted at Arras. ? wins. 


Second Round

John (as the Japanese) vs. Daniel (as the British) in Brigade Hill. ? wins.

Marc (as the Americans) vs. Michael (as the Japanese) in Through the Dragon's Teeth. Marc wins.  


Third Round

John (as the French) vs. Marc (as the Germans) in The Abbeville Bridgehead. Marc wins.

Daniel (as the...?) vs. Michael (as the...?) in The Abbeville Bridgehead. ? wins. 




1st: Marc (3:0) - Tournament winner

2nd: ?

3rd: ?

4th: Michael (0:3)


After Action Report (AAR)



(your AAR) 



(your AAR) 



(your AAR)



(your AAR)





Our rented vacation apartment was in the top floor of the front building. It is located in Vignogn (Canton of Graubünden).


Our cozy and spacious living room. It featured a view into the Swiss Alps right from the gaming table (a typical Alpenfestung characteristic).


Setting up the first scenario - German paratroopers invading Crete (Greece) in early 1941. 


A walk with Jan and John near the town in between two scenarios.


What do you see:
a) a beautiful belltower or
b) a perfect sniper/ artillery observer location?


Where every hex was fought over bitterly: Round 2 in Stalingrad, 1942.


A nasty (and noisy!) surprise for almost half a day on Friday and about two hours on Saturday: Construction workers breaking up the underground garage driveway with a jackhammer. It was the first Alpenfestung that was impaired by outside noise. :oP


One more reason to make a refreshing trip to the natural bathing lake near Vignogn.


Marc and John enjoying the fresh and cooling water.


On our return walk from a neighbouring town after we had dinner there. As the road terminates at the end of the valley, there is so little traffic that you can safely walk on the entire road.


Marc congratulates Daniel on winning the Alpenfestung for a third time.


Daniel sent us a gallery of his Alpenfestung winning trophies later on. You can also see the evolution of the miniatures and bases over the years. :o)


Did we manage to wet your appetite for our jubilee Alpenfestung XIII in 2019? Please send me a message if you want to be updated about its planning.


(Photos: 640 x 480 pixel) 

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