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After Action Report (AAR) of Alpenfestung XI

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This was the official invitation for the tournament: Einladung ASL Alpenfestung XI




The Alpenfestung XI tournament took place Thursday, June, 8th until Sunday, June, 11th, 2017.




We played in this vacation house in Laax (Kanton of Graubünden).




  1. John T. (Germany)

  2. Jan L. (Switzerland)

  3. Armin D. (Germany)

  4. Marc B. (Switzerland)




This was the selection of the scenarios for the three rounds:


First round: Early War 1940 | «Blitzkrieg in France»


I. Failure to Communicate. Germans vs. French. May, 1940. 6.5 Turns. (5:42 hrs.)

II. Point 247.  Germans vs. French. May, 1940. 7.5 Turns. (5:54 hrs.)

III. Then Things got worse.  Germans vs. French. May, 1940. 8.5 Turns. (6:00 hrs.) The Germans receive the balance. Extra balance: Exchange the French 8-1 leader for a 8-0 leader. 


          Download the Scenarios of round one.


Second round: Mid War 1942 | «Invasion of Burma»


I. Milling About. British vs. Japanese. January, 1942. 5.5 Turns. (3:53 hrs.)

II. Full Moon Madness. British vs. Japanese. February, 1942. 5.5 Turns. (4:09 hrs.)

III. Smashing the Hook British vs. Japanese. February, 1942. 5.5 Turns. (4:19 hrs.) Please note the provided Errata in the Scenario file!


          Download the Scenarios of round two.


Third round: Late War 1944 | «The Liberation of Minsk»


I. The Fifth's Rearguard. Germans vs. Russians. June, 1944. 6 Turns. (3:18 hrs.)

II. Liberation of Minsk. Germans vs. Russians. July, 1944. 5.5 Turns. (3:24 hrs.) The Germans receive the balance. Extra balance: In VC change 30 to 36 EVP.

III. Forcing the Berezina. Germans vs. Russians. June, 1944. 6 Turns. (4:51 hrs.)

IV. Bridge over the Berezina. Germans vs. Russians. June, 1944. 8 Turns. (5:50 hrs.)


          Download the Scenarios of round three.




First Round

Jan (as the Germans) vs. Armin (as the French) in Then Things got worse. Armin wins.

John (as the French) vs. Marc (as the Germans) in Failure to Communicate. Marc wins. 


Second Round

John (as the British) vs. Armin (as the Japanese) in Smashing the Hook. Armin wins.

Jan (as the British) vs. Marc (as the Japanese) in Smashing the Hook. Marc wins.  


Third Round

John (as the Russians) vs. Jan (as the Germans) in Liberation of Minsk. John wins.

Armin (as the Russians) vs. Marc (as the Germans) in The fifth Rearguard. Marc wins. 




1st: Marc (3:0) - Tournament winner

2nd: Armin (2:1)

3rd: John (1:2)

4th: Jan (0:3)


After Action Report (AAR)



My tournament experience started with a promising omen: My very first shot was that of a German anti-tank rifle which hit, penetrated and outright destroyed a French armored car. I made steady progress with my German troops against John, whose French units did not accomplish to hold a defense line. I managed to always keep them off balance, and won my first scenario. The second scenario against Jan saw some early-war like firefights with my Japanese LMG and MMG attacking his armored troop carriers. One of the victory hexes was very far in the rear - it proved to be a too long way for the attacking British. The last round was probably the strangest scenario I ever played in an ASL tournament. My German troops defended the outskirts of Minsk against attacking Russian units. With lots of open terrain, wire counters and a strong line of Trenches and foxholes, the Russian attack along a narrow strip of woods immediately faltered in my defensive fire and utterly failed. The Russian reinforcements in turn 3 were quickly engaged by the virtually unscathed German units (I never took effective fire and never even had to roll for morale). Armin gave in in Turn 3. He credited me with a «perfect defensive setup», but I still fear that this scenario from a third party product is not really balanced... Anyways, it was the second Alpenfestung I won! As always, the highlight was not only in the gaming, but also in the friendship we shared and the beautiful surroundings of our venue. I will always think back to our swim in Lake Cauma!             




Our home base - a rented vacation apartment in Laax (Canton of Graubünden).


Right from our balcony: A marvelous view into the Swiss Alps.


Our opening moves of Round 1 - the early war scenario «Failure to Communicate» (France, 1940).


A friendly handshake of John and Armin before the second Round - the mid-war scenario «Smashing the Hook» in Burma, 1942.


My Japanese MMG position (in the Foxhole) is being swarmed by British Carriers and light tanks.


A brief walk before dinner: A well in the woods with cool, fresh water.


One of our dinners - the battlefield had to be relocated to make up some room...


Our refreshing trip on Saturday to Lake Cauma - its color is amazing. Looks more like the Caribbean.


Our swim (for those who dared to enter the 18°C waters) was fantastic!


Some summer ice cream after our stay at the lake.


An uncommon feeling to receive (not give away) the winner trophy!


It deserves a special location in my apartment. :o)


Did we manage to wet your appetite for our jubilee Alpenfestung XII in 2018? Please send me a message if you want to be updated about its planning.


(Photos: 640 x 480 pixel) 

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