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After Action Report (AAR) of Alpenfestung X

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This was the official invitation for the tournament: Einladung ASL Alpenfestung IX (.jpg, 410 kB)






The Alpenfestung IX tournament took place Thursday, August 13th until Sunday, August 16th, 2015.




We played in this vacation home in Rüdlingen (Kanton of Schaffhausen).




  1. John T. (Germany)

  2. Michael S. (Germany)

  3. Jan L. (Switzerland)

  4. Marc B. (Switzerland)





The selection of scenarios for the first round was:


I. Last Minute War. Hungarians vs. Slovakians in Slovakia. March, 1939. 5.5 Turns. From ASL Journal #10. (5:08 hrs.)

II. Cream of the Crop. Russians vs. Germans in Russia. June, 1941. 7 Turns. From Action Pack #2 (5:14 hrs.)

III. Raff's Dilemma. Germans vs. Americans in France. June, 1944. 7 Turns. From Action Pack #4 (Normandy) (4:59 hrs.) 


          Download the Scenarios of round one (6.0 MB).


The selection of scenarios for the second round was:


I. Italian Brothers. Spanish Nationalists vs. Spanish Republicans in Spain. March, 1937. 6 Turns. From 'Doomed Battalions', Module #11. (5:03 hrs.)

II. Taking Heads. Americans vs. Japanese on the Philippines. January, 1942. 6.5 Turns. From Action Pack #6, (A Decade of War). (4:54 hrs.)

III. Second Crack at Caumont. Germans vs. Americans in France. June, 1944. 6 Turns. From Action Pack #4 (Normandy) (5:01 hrs.) 


          Download the Scenarios of round two (6.1 MB).


The selection of scenarios for the third and final round was:


I. Elephants unleashed. Russians vs. Germans in Russia. July, 1943. 5.5 Turns. From ASL Journal #8. (4:54 hrs.)

II. Joseph 351. Germans vs. Allies in France. August, 1944. 7 Turns. From ASL Starter Kit #3. (4:59 hrs.)

III. Silent Night, Deadly Night. Americans vs. Germans in Belgium. December, 1944. 6.5 Turns. From Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #3. (4:48 hrs.) 


          Download the Scenarios of round three (6.2 MB).




First Round

Michael (as the Hungarians) vs. John (as the Slovaks) in Last minute war. Michael wins.

Marc (as the Americans) vs. Jan (as the Germans) in Raff's Dilemma. Marc wins.


Second Round

Michael (as the Nationalists) vs. Jan (as the Republicans) in Italian Brothers. Jan wins.

Marc (as the Japanese) vs. John (as the Americans) in Taking Heads. John wins.


Third Round

Michael (as the Americans/Russian POWs) vs. Marc (as the Germans) in Joseph 351. Marc wins.

John (as the Germans) vs. Jan (as the Americans/Russian POWs) in Joseph 351. John wins.




1st: John (2:1) - Tournament winner, won against Marc

2nd: Marc (2:1), lost against John

3rd: Jan (1:2), won against Michael

4th: Michael (1:2), lost against Jan


After Action Report (AAR)












This year, Alpenfestung IX was held in Rüdlingen on the shores of the Rhine in Switzerland. In the first scenario, I played against John in ASL J148 Last Minute WarBy the end of turn four, I had things in control. A lucky rate of fire on my right drove off the attacking squads. On the left I was still holding off his advance. John could drive further down the middle with his armored cars, but had only just moved in his infantry. At this point John gave in.


Next I played ASL 137 Italian Brothers against Jan. This was another early war scenario taking place between two Italian forces in the Spanish Civil War. As all good squad leader games go, the end of this game came down to a single dice roll. If I won the melee, I would control three of the four victory houses and win the game. We both failed our rolls. So the game ended with neither player having enough of the victory houses.  


My third and final game of Alpenfestung was against Marc. We played a starter scenario with ASL rules, S20 Joseph 351. I made a risky move at the start and Marc rolled me over.


The bridge near Rüdlingen was once a key defensework. We visited the bunkers and artillery placements. We learned that the Swiss were quite worried about a German invasion during the 30's and 40's. Interesting also to learn was there were Soviet plans to forcibly free the West from Capitalism by marching through Ausria and Switzerland. The bridge was marked on Soviet maps as being able to take the weight of a T-72. The explanatory displays were also noteworthy in their jingoistic tone. We also managed a game of Machi Koro.


I wrote a whole series of blog posts on Alpenfestung IX with pictures. Take a look!




Our welcome dinner on the first evening - a fresh «Zwiebelkuchen» (onion tarte)!



Michael and John beginning their first match.



ASL is only for the well-educated that love to read and improve their knowledge.



Michael was VERY confident to win at this point! 



Sometimes, tanks and woods don't mix well.



Our vacation apartment was in this rowhouse. On Saturday evening, we had a nice dinner in the «Gasthaus Sternen» that you can see in the foreground.


The slow but mighty Rhine river, looking at Rüdlingen and Buchberg.


The once clear fields of fire for the bunkers has been overgrown meanwhile.


Well, Sirs, we are talking about some SERIOUS bunkers here! WWII artillery bunker overlooking the important Rhine crossing at Rüdlingen.


Advancing Japanese troops caught in a firelane of an American HMG!


Close but well-deserved: John receives his winner trophy from Marc.


Oh, did I mention we had fun during Alpenfestung IX? :o)



Did we manage to wet your appetite for our jubilee Alpenfestung X in 2016? Please send me a message if you want to be updated about its planning.


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